Bots Against Us

Bots Against Us

Bots Against Us
Bots Against Us – By Alan W. Silberberg

The election of 2016 was NOT normal.

The interactions between all of us were manipulated, and thus we were all manipulated in ways obvious and overt, and also obtuse and covert.

The information warfare attacks and psychological operations (psyops) conducted against the United States in 2016 were just one part of a years long, intensive set of cyber war attacks, that started long before the 2016 Election, and is continuing today, in 2019. Written by cyber security Expert, Alan W. Silberberg; Bots Against US serves as a capture of the events witnessed and documented by him, as documented in his contemporaneous live twitter feed and other writings.The book delves into the attack on the DNC (attacks) and the subsequent close relationships between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Bots Against Us, also goes into detail about future election security needs, and prospects for future attacks. The author discusses computational propaganda, cyber war, information warfare, and the use of bot armies to manipulate public perceptions both on social media platforms, TV + radio and in person.

Bots Against Us proposes national standards for election security for the United States. Additionally stronger local and state level integration with existing security forces is needed to ensure a theft of an election never occurs again. Or that hostile foreign countries are not allowed to interfere again in Elections.

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